Earn outs are a common contractual mechanism used to structure M&A deals. Including an earn out period as part of the purchase price structure is extremely useful to facilitate an agreement between a buyer and a seller when there is not a shared consensus on the price of the company for sale. They're a smart

Private SaaS firms are usually valued on either revenue multiple, a seller discretionary earnings multiple (or SDE), or for more mature SaaS businesses, EBITDA multiples. More often that not, SaaS business valuation will incorporate all of these different elements based on a set of factors that a SaaS investor or buyer deems important. The hottest public SaaS companies

HoriZen Transaction Services has a team of Financial Due Diligence experts and we specialize in SaaS due diligence. If you are looking to acquire or buy-out a SaaS company and want a high quality review of the target's financial situation prepared by seasoned professionals who understand the in and out of the online subscription model, we're

When did you make that decision to keep Balsamiq bootstrapped? Yes, it was very much from the beginning. My motivation was never to make money with Balsamiq, the motivation was I wanted to stay as a one-person company forever. I try to pick the smallest possible problem because my motivation is the love of the craft

What Was The Initial Costs to Launch Ninja Outreach? For the costs, in the first year, it was definitely 10's of 1000s of dollars. It wasn't hundreds of 1000s and it wasn't 1000s, it was 10s of 1000s of dollars and it was bootstrapped, so that all came out of our money. The be honest, it

Executive Summary Over the course of a 12 month period and after completing our initial comprehensive audit with the Postalytics team, we worked on and improved the following :We started to improve conversion rate to the website by testing new designs and adding Call to actions based on a data driven marketing approach. We yielded a

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