When did you make that decision to keep Balsamiq bootstrapped? Yes, it was very much from the beginning. My motivation was never to make money with Balsamiq, the motivation was I wanted to stay as a one-person company forever. I try to pick the smallest possible problem because my motivation is the love of the craft

What Was The Initial Costs to Launch Ninja Outreach? For the costs, in the first year, it was definitely 10's of 1000s of dollars. It wasn't hundreds of 1000s and it wasn't 1000s, it was 10s of 1000s of dollars and it was bootstrapped, so that all came out of our money. The be honest, it

Executive Summary Over the course of a 12 month period and after completing our initial comprehensive audit with the Postalytics team, we worked on and improved the following :We started to improve conversion rate to the website by testing new designs and adding Call to actions based on a data driven marketing approach. We yielded a

Non-Compete Agreements and The Importance for a Cybersecurity Threat We've seen it's really interesting, when we first put it in our own company, every single person who left, every single one took data that they shouldn't take, in our own company. That is the important of a Non-Compete agreement for any cybersecurity threat. But today, nobody does.  What's the

I realized about a year ago that Financial Due Diligence in M&A was an obscure notion for a lot of people, including entrepreneurs and people working in corporate finance. Yet, most of the skills that are the most useful to me when it comes to reviewing Private Equity investment opportunities, doing fundamental analysis of a publicly

How to Be a Better CEO Through Times of Uncertainty? I'm talking to my clients very actively about mental models and guiding principles right now, because when there's a lot of uncertainty,  where you have to get back to basics back to fundamentals. One of the most fundamental mental models is around, I call it the

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