Isaac Anderson is a LinkedIn Industry Top 1% SSI certification meaning. Meaning he is an all LinkedIn Expert. Including marketing, consulting, conversion optimization, and business strategy. He's currently the CEO of Zeeko, a platform that uses LinkedIn to create real, meaningful relationships between clients and customers so that B2B SaaS companies can generate high quality B2B

Ankit Dudhwewala is the Co-Founder of Appitsimple Infotek, CallHippo & SofttwareSuggest, and is an experienced entrepreneur, marketing leader, sales expert & head of growth. Most notably, Ankit has bootstrapped several SaaS companies in his career. In this article, he goes over how he can bootstrap a SaaS (CallHippo) from concept to $3mm ARR and profitable,

Steve is the CEO of Ackroo,  a platform that provides marketing, payment, and point-of-sale solutions for merchants of all sizes.  As the CEO of Ackroo, Steve leads the company’s corporate strategy, where he transitioned into this role after previously serving as the company’s EVP of Sales & Marketing and currently leads the growth through acquisitions

Patrick is the CEO of ProfitWell, a software solution for subscription model companies. With their monetization and retention strategies, they provide free turnkey subscription financial metrics for over eight thousand successful companies and help SaaS companies reduce churn. How To Reduce Churn By Up To 40% From Your Mechanical Churn? The thing to realize with churn is

Andrew Gazdecki, is the current founder of MicroAcquire, where they help you optimize your perfect SaaS exit, with no middleman or fees. He's a storyteller and has been an entrepreneur for a long time, he started his first company, Bizness Apps, while still in college where they made mobile app development affordable for small businesses.

SaaS business models are here to stay. 2020 was so far the year of the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Because of a complex combination of factors including political changes that disrupted data processing agreements in the UK, the ongoing global pandemic that impacted every single industry, but also validated the cloud service value

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