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Partner with us and get full access to expertise and highly vetted investors and founders network, financial experts and growth marketing team to take your impact tech startup to the next level.



About Us


HoriZen Capital is an early stage investment venture capital group of Business Operators, Marketers and Finance experts focused on investing, growing and exiting tech driven impact businesses.

We only invest in tech driven (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ESG, regenerative medicine, climate tech and agriculture sustainability startups.


As a leading early stage investment group, we invest and partner with a handful of carefully selected impact tech companies to maximize their reach through our efficient growth marketing playbook and investor-ready positioning.

Along with investing our own capital we support you to drive top line growth through our tested and data-driven approach. We assist from structuring financial & KPIs reporting to managing the fundraising or M&A process of our partners by leveraging our global network of investors and strategic firms.

How We Partner
Impact Tech Founders

We partner as your Marketing & Finance long term equity partners in your existing impact businesses without geographical limitation but operating in English-speaking territories.

In addition to supporting you to growing revenues and international expansion, we also support founders in their strategic thinking and give them access to local investors, VC's, expert leaders and strategic partners located in North America, Western Europe and South Africa. We also have access to 200+ of the top tech founders through our SaaS District podcast.

Why We
Exist in
the Impact Tech ecosystem

We're here to provide exceptional founders who may lack expertise in Finance, Legal or Growth Marketing the support they're looking for to unleash the full potential of their business.

We go beyond the work of a traditional VC. Our team is made of entrepreneurs who've operated several businesses and professionals with Engineering, Private Equity & M&A background.

We're here to share the hustle, share the risk and share the rewards of growing a business as a team, with "skin in the game".

HoriZen Capital Core Values

First and foremost, we always thoroughly seek entrepreneurial partners who share our values in all aspects of life.

Integrity. Our partners trust us to act with integrity and transparency and we expect the same from every member within our team. The trust to make decisions as if it’s our own business is how we approach every partnership.

Autonomy. As a leader of a team, you’re expected to run your ship as you see fit, provided you’re sailing in the same direction. We expect our leader to master their critical thinking, decision making and communication skills to lead and make the maximum amount of impact.
Commitment. We're committed to do what it takes to do what we say we'll do. We make decisions in the approach that is in the best long term interest of the firm. We own our responsibilities and don’t shift blame to others for not being able to follow through on what we've committed to.
Continuous Development. Our philosophy is to keep growing and continuous learning in all aspects of life, not just our work. We're always seeking new strategies and experimenting to strive for even better results through impact and revenue growth. We adopt the Kaizen approach to always seek better, innovative and effective ways to run our firm.



A few familiar businesses our team has worked with in the past or invested in..

Case Study: 2x reseller revenue of within 5 months of acquisition at the firm.

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A leading keyword research tool in the SEO industry in which we helped create, prepare and run live and recorded sales webinars to monetize the email list.

Reduced cost per acquisition costs by over 70% through Paid marketing, improved technical SEO of the website and reduced churn through NPS and A/B testing pricing.

Productized business model to focus on organic results for clients through a proprietary outreach system to build white hat, high quality links for clients websites.

Increase Visibility

Postalytics Logo
Case Study: 25% Increase In Conversions of Within 4 months.

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An unlimited premium content editing and repurposing services for creators and podcasters.



Some common questions Impact Founders have regarding our selection and growth process

1What size of businesses do you typically work with or invest in?
The size of impact startups we typically invest into are generally generating between at minimum $100k USD to $500k USD in annual recurring revenue (ARR). On the higher end, we've observed that companies below $5MM ARR are where we can add the most value, however we are able to work with and scale the marketing operations of companies far above $10MM ARR with our growth equity investment partners as well.
2What specific verticals do you like to work with?
We only invest in companies that improve the environment and sustainability of the planet using technology to increase impact and reach. We like regenerative health, regenerative medicine, climate tech and agriculture and land sustainability startups.
3How do you assess if my company is a good fit?
First and foremost, we ensure that we’re a good fit as shared in our value system. We get to know you as we primarily invest in founders first. We then review your team, the market and the product and finally the finances. We review your last P&L and Google Analytics to form a model and roadmap about your business. Once we have a signed LOI, we also do a full market assessment, a full financial and marketing/sales audit of your website and the market by review your competitors, the keywords you rank for etc. in order for us to assess whether we think that we are a good value-add fit for your business and to assess the growth potential of your tech company.
4How does a partnership with HoriZen work?
The best way to think about us is as your externalized fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Legal support team after we invest in your SaaS. After we’ve invested in you, we will help you design a roadmap and marketing plan along with a marketing budget for your business. Once we mutually agree on the plan, we can introduce vetted experts to help handle execution as well. We like to communicate regularly with you to discuss progress, results and next steps. We can also spend time helping you design better financial and operational reporting tools and provide strategic CFO services to better understand your financials or help you model your financing needs. If you're looking to raise funds or get acquired, we'll also work with you to better position and structure your business to make it investor/buyer - ready. We have access to a network and are in position to handle future fundraising or M&A processes. For a detailed example on how we work, we recommend you to read our case study on Postalytics
5Do you also offer your services on a consulting basis?
If it’s not the right timing for us to invest yet, we do offer our fractional growth marketing services and M&A advisory on a consulting basis for your startup, with a goal of investing capital in the near future. We align fee incentives with a reduced fixed fee tied with an upside fee based on the additional traceable impact that we deliver, in order to align interest, risk and upside with startups.


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