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SaaS Companies

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About Us

HoriZen Capital is a global
search and M&A group focused
on SaaS and software
investments in privately held businesses.

We acquire and operate a portfolio of SaaS companies, with a target return rate of approximately 200% over a 3-5 year term. We invest in a wide selection of verticals to manage risk while maintaining a diversified investment base.

Our Investment Philosophy

We seek short and long-term investment opportunities with our group of investors on high potential, profitable software businesses in USA and Canada.
We invest our own capital in every transaction to align risk with our partners and have skin in the game.
We only acquire businesses that we feel confident we can 2x within 12 month and deliver consistent results at scale.

Why We

We match smart capital with exceptional businesses, where we can make the most amount of impact to scale the business and generate triple digit returns for investors, through business optimization and multiple arbitrage.

Horizen Core Values

First and foremost, we always thoroughly seek partners who share our values in all aspects life.
1. Integrity
Integrity. Our LP’s trust us with their capital to invest it with integrity and we expect the same from every member within our team. The trust to make decisions as if it’s our own money in every business is how we approach every investment.

2. Autonomy
Autonomy. As a leader on our team, you’re expected to run your ship as you fit, provided you’re sailing in the same direction. We expect our leader to master their critical thinking, decision making and communication skills to lead and make the maximum amount of impact.
3. Commitment
Commitment. We're committed to do what it takes to do what we say we'll do. We make decisions in the approach that is in the best long term interest of the firm. We own our responsibilities and don’t shift blame to others for not being able to follow through on what we've committed to.
4. Continuous Development
Continuous Development. Our philosophy is to keep growing and continuous learning in all aspects of life, not just our work. We're always seeking new strategies and experimenting to strive for even better results. We adopt the kaizen approach to always seek better, innovative and improved ways to run our firm.


A few familiar businesses our team has worked with in the past

Akeel Jabber

Investment Director

An Engineer who was previously a partner and operations director at Wired investors, a PE firm focused on digital asset acquisitions and has been involved in over 15 acquisitions. Expert in growth marketing strategy and business operations.

Ahmed Raza

Due Diligence and Software Specialist

A Software Engineer by profession who has purchased and operated various online businesses over the past five years, both individually and through Sitevestment Fund I, a PE fund he previously founded and operated that specialized in web business acquisitions.

After obtaining his MBA from Essec Business School and before joining HoriZen Pierre-Alexandre worked for over 5 years in a deals environment, first as an investment associate at Isatis Capital and then as a M&A transaction services consultant at PwC France and Australia. He is an expert in financial modelling, FDD and corporate finance.


Some common
questions our sellers
have regarding our
investment process.

1Who are the investors involved in investing in the business?
We work with other entrepreneurs, HNWI’s, strategic investors, banks and family offices who understand our business model and may have invested with us in the past. They co-invest with us in the deal expecting cash flow distributions and high growth but remain as limited partners and passive in the operations of the business.
2What size of businesses do you typically work with?
The size of business we typically work with are generating between $500 K USD up to $5 MM USD in annual revenue. Anything outside of this range is reviewed on a case by case basis and we may be able to refer you to our partners.
3Do you keep the existing team after acquiring a business?
We prefer to keep the team as it is. We don’t plan to let any one go unless we already have redundancies with our existing team or we believe they aren’t the right fit for our future growth plans.
4Do I need to sell 100% shares of the business?
Not necessarily. Unless you need help finding a strategic buyer (see our M&A services), our mandate is to have control of the finances of the business for partner distributions. Therefore, we require a sale of minimum of 51% amount of the business. Most owners may prefer to retain ~20-30% shares in the company.
5Why should I consider selling my SaaS business with HoriZen?
We’re a team of entrepreneurs who understand how to operate and grow a SaaS business. We only invest in companies, if we feel confident we can 2x the business within 12 months. Our operations network and expertise move the needle to help you maximize the potential of your business.
6What kind of valuation can I expect for my business?
We look at many factors when determining the valuation, including age, growth %, team strength, scalability, churn, etc. but generally we provide industry standard valuations (not high growth startup VC valuations). The best way to know is to get in touch with us and our M&A advisors will assess your SaaS business and give you a free valuation.


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