Need B2B SaaS Consulting Services?

Don't skip crucial steps in setting up your SaaS business for success.

Our firm and marketing team is offering a limited number of growth consulting partnership engagements.

How It Works

Step 1: Business Audit

The first plan of action is to review your SaaS business in detail, from finances, sales to operation processes to team structure, we take the time to fully understand your business model, your ideal customer and your competitors over an entire 1-2 week time frame. This helps us paint a picture of what a leading SaaS provider and platform looks like.

Step 2: Define Roadmap

Based off our findings on your B2B SaaS company and your competitors, we build a concrete 12 month roadmap for the team on what could be improved across each business unit to make the company more attractive for investors or the ability to scale the revenue and more sales to your startup.

Step 3: Execute and Scale

After we schedule out the priorities, our growth marketing team goes to work to execute on the plan and continuously monitor the results of the changes on a daily basis to ensure we're moving the business forward in the right direction. We aim for our SaaS solutions to becoming a dominant leader in the industry.

Continuous Results

The worst thing you can do as a SaaS company is guess. Success in SaaS is a science, founded on your ideal customer, and grounded in research, data, analytics, smart tools and smarter tracking.

We’ve been developing growth strategies for top SaaS startups for over a decade and now we are now offering SaaS consulting services through our partnership program for a select few SaaS founders.

Focus meetings

We’ll meet for two, one-hour phone calls each week to focus on what you need most, so you can grow your company and revenue with confidence – and stop guessing altogether. We work together as a consultant on a long term engagement until we hit our targets and have the ability to truly scale.

Accountability and Homework

A few hours of homework is required per week on both our ends to complete. As a SaaS consultant, we need to keep the accountability there to ensure we only work with businesses who can execute against the roadmap which we've defined together and continuously grow.

Clear Results and Growth

If we don't see concrete results as we track the data, we pivot and optimize throughout the entire process quickly to stay ahead. Over time, we continually refine and improve the business to stay ahead of the competition and find critical mass to scale the business.

Our SaaS Consulting Selection Process

You're not just a marketing client, we treat you as a partner like any of our own portfolio companies. With over 20+ years of experience in SaaS consulting, we take pride in our reputation to drive real results and only work with companies that we're confident we can make an impact with. If we don't feel we're a good fit for our consulting firm, we'll let you know right up front.  

A Few Companies We've Helped With Growth Marketing
350 Pixels

Productized Design Marketing Agency

We defined a business model that would help their brand stand out from the competition. We then built out a process using marketing automation in order to be able to scale their marketing team, while maintaining profitability. The main channel of growth we employed was paid marketing and continuous testing throughout the funnel conversions (leads, add to carts and sales) to optimize the CPA.

IN leven

Link Management and Retargeting SaaS platform for marketers

InLeven is a SaaS product that needed help with their acquisition channels. After completing a full audit of their business and their competitors, we created a digital marketing roadmap that focused on improving conversions & strategic partnerships that decreased their new trial signups down to less then $5. We used a combination of SEO, PPC and launch marketing strategies to drive a high volume of leads to their startup.

We can then discuss if there is an opportunity to have the Horizen Capital team implement portions of the newly defined growth strategy and then...we go to work to rev up your SaaS startup together!

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