SaaS Private Equity

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What Happens After We Acquire

a SaaS Company?

At HoriZen, once we acquire a company we put our Operations Manager in charge who will be responsible for monitoring and growing the day to day operations and development of the company. We work with a network of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in SaaS and internet businesses who all have successfully optimized and scaled businesses in the past.

We also offer all these services on a consulting basis as part of our Saas Growth Marketing Services. We believe that creating long term partnership with SaaS entrepreneurs and supporting them in their growth will in turn create new investment opportunities for us and improve our knowledge of the companies we invest in.

How Our Firm Works


Operation Strategy

We will review and challenge assumptions on the product positioning, core target customers, sales channels and geography and decide on a growth and development strategy by analyzing the state of the market, available substitutes and overall economic trends.

The software market is rapidly and constantly evolving and we keep a close look at the new trends and technologies releases to adapt and pivot when necessary


Pricing Optimization

We will make sure that the pricing strategy of the business is on point to optimize conversion rate and maximize revenue per customer.

We analyse historical result, research competitors, conduct A/B testing on new traffic, we test out new bundle/upsell packages and leverage our team experience in conversion rate optimization (CRO) to implement an optimal pricing structure for the businesses we manage.


Digital Growth

Our team is expert in everything related to digital marketing and growth hacking. We implement SEO and content creation strategies in line with the business, we build scalable customer acquisition channels and optimize conversion rate, we automate webinars to drive sales and we optimize marketing spend through our expertise in Facebook ads, funnel development, LinkedIn lead generation, SEO, e-mail automation and affiliate marketing.


High Converting Design

Driving traffic to an unattractive web page is counter-productive and a waste of resources. We ensure that the product or service is well marketed.

We work with our design and development team to improve the technical layout and speed of the SaaS companies we work with and we design well-thought landing pages to better attract and convert a diversified type of customers.



Our team skills in corporate finance, M&A and financial analysis allow us to implement strong and insightful reporting to better track the activity and support decision making.

We also bring the necessary skills to grow our SaaS companies through strategic acquisitions or partners to benefit from synergies or scale our businesses faster.

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