I realized about a year ago that Financial Due Diligence in M&A was an obscure notion for a lot of people, including entrepreneurs and people working in corporate finance. Yet, most of the skills that are the most useful to me when it comes to reviewing Private Equity investment opportunities, doing fundamental analysis of a publicly

How to Be a Better CEO Through Times of Uncertainty? I'm talking to my clients very actively about mental models and guiding principles right now, because when there's a lot of uncertainty,  where you have to get back to basics back to fundamentals. One of the most fundamental mental models is around, I call it the

I'm a fan of those email productivity hacks or tips, which are passive, which once you do it, you set it and forget it. If you have to do it actively, it's a habit building thing, it's not really a trick. Another trick is, last year, so many new newsletters came in. So what has happened is

Reasons Why To Invest In Mexico vs North America Mexico is very concentrated in real estate. It's one of the founding growth powers for the economy and a reason why to invest in Mexico. You can see so much residential construction in the main cities around you in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, the three main cities

How To Increase Traffic to Your Site As a SaaS Marketer Facing Competition?I see this sometimes and I'm probably guilty of it, where i'm at a pre-pandemic conference as a speaker and I would go to conferences, and I would talk about growth. And I would say, hey this is how to increase traffic to

The genesis of this was really, I had some downtime at the end of last year, and I just started thinking about my history as an investor, all the years that I've spent in this industry, and just trying to piece together the similarities that I've seen emerging from great businesses, great founders, and ways

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