How To Setup Your First Campaign For B2B Leads On LinkedIn?Before you consider being proactive for B2B leads on LinkedIn, you need to do almost like an internal audit. Because that's one thing that I see a lot of companies not do and because they didn't take inventory and be smart about what they're going

How To Best Allocate Capital & Your Budget As a Bootstrapped SaaS Company? I think people can build product. I think there are a lot of products out there have been there but the founders have not been able to reach the right audiences out there. I think marketing is the most important thing. The founder

What Have Been the 3 Growth-Through-Acquisitions Deals in 2019-2020? Going into last year, we were a marketing company. Full stop, full-service marketing, gift, loyalty, promotions, email marketing, all that good stuff. So what we were missing is we had kind of two services we offer from a marketing perspective, though, we sold email marketing as a

Patrick is the CEO of ProfitWell, a software solution for subscription model companies. With their monetization and retention strategies, they provide free turnkey subscription financial metrics for over eight thousand successful companies and help SaaS companies reduce churn. How To Reduce Churn By Up To 40% From Your Mechanical Churn? The thing to realize with churn is

Long-Term Strategies in the Market for Buyers & Sellers in Current SaaS Exit EnvironmentIt depends on the business. I mean, the ones that are getting tier one growth from COVID. That could be a great time to continue growing the business or potentially exiting the business because I think businesses that are able to survive

SaaS business models are here to stay. 2020 was so far the year of the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Because of a complex combination of factors including political changes that disrupted data processing agreements in the UK, the ongoing global pandemic that impacted every single industry, but also validated the cloud service value

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