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Saas District - Akeel Jabber | HoriZen Capital Episode 37, 1st September 2020

How to Use Interactive Content for Improving Conversions, Scaling an International Content Marketing Team and Growth Through Acquisition With Diego Gomes | Podcast #37











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Diego is an Entrepreneur, angel investor, SaaS expert and the CEO of Rock Content. After studying advertising he met Victor - his co-founder. They were both avid blog readers which led them to start a blog about trends, technology and the Internet.

Not long after that Diego Created EverWrite, which was an SEO platform that was reverse-engineered by Google to give brands intelligence when creating content. To demonstrate that the SEO hypotheses worked, they created a blog and Diego spent his days producing content on the most diverse topics.

Diego always wanted to undertake and build an impactful company in Brazil. With Diego's experience and network, that gave rise to Rock Content, one of the largest content marketing companies in LATAM.

Today, he and his 2 co-founders lead Rock Content, a team of more than 300 professional Rockers, produces content for 20 global companies in different languages and their revenue continues to grow at a fast pace. They’ve hit over $25 million in annual revenues and they have big plans for their next steps, which we’ll cover today.

During this interview we cover:

00:00 - MicroAcquire helps startups find buyers. Simple as that (A Word From The Sponsor)

01:03: - Intro

02:49 - About RockContent, it’s Product & Trajectory

04:41 - A Service Driven Creative Marketplace 

07:10 - The Talent Rating System that Ensures Quality & Growth 

08:34 - Why You Should Start Using Interactive Content in Your Marketing Strategy

11:21 - Create Authority by Summarizing Articles through an Original Post

12:44 - Super Specialized Niche Content VS Larger Audiences 

15:14 - How to Deploy Your Content Marketing To Max Long Term ROI

17:40 - High Quality Media VS High Volume Approach 

19:07 - Best Content Schedule (Length & Frequency)

21:43 - Successful M&A Strategies & Market Expansion

24:58 - Perspectives of the Future Entrepreneurial Scene in LATAM 

28:13 - Customer & Talent Differences Between Center, South & NorthAmerica 

32:49 - The Future of RockContent

34:04 - Diego’s Favourite Thought Leaders To Check Out

35:44 - Get In Touch With Diego Gomes


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