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Saas District - Akeel Jabber | HoriZen Capital Episode 14, 9th June 2020

How to Create an Epic Content Marketing Plan for your B2B SaaS Company with Bree Brouwer | Podcast #14











Bree Brouwer is a specialist in the B2B SaaS and online video industries. She has created blog posts that landed on the #1 and #2 spots in Google search for their respective keywords, re-written home page copy which increased product downloads by more than 64.5% and written blog posts that generated $40K in extra revenue.   Bree has a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing.   Bree’s professional experience includes being a Staff Writer and Digital Media Journalist at Tubefilter, a Freelance Copywriter at Tubebuddy, a Public relations consultant at Unreel Entertainment, An Online Video and Digital Media Contributor at Forbes, an Online video Columnist at EContent Magazine, a Blogger and Content Marketing Writer for Asset Panda, a Freelance Public Relations Consultant at Unscreen, and  B2B Content Marketing Consultant and Writer for video and tech brands at Brouwer Power Media LLC.   

Most recently, Bree was a Content Marketing Writer at Tubular Labs, and now she is the Editor-In-Chief of Tubular Insights. 

Tubular Labs is the leading global video measurement and analytics platform that powers broadcasters, publishers, and brands to create successful content and scale audiences faster.  

 During this interview we cover: 

- When contenting marketing becomes important for a B2B SaaS company in their growth journey 

- Effective strategies and what you need to get started to if you’re a founder or marketer looking to use video marketing to real drive ROI 

- The blog post you wrote that helped drive $40k in revenue and why was it so successful 

- Habits, tools and proven strategies to overcome writer's block and produce high quality content 

- Using pillar content as a strategy to distribute to many channels as a SaaS company 

- Providing a great experience to your audience and stand apart to get the Wow factor

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