HoriZen Capital's First Technology Fund

Identifying and Scaling B2B SaaS Opportunities

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SaaS Technology Fund - $25M

• We are a micro-cap SaaS technology fund that is looking to raise $25 million in order to invest directly into up to 12 companies, being deployed over the next 4 years.

• We have a targeted total investment return of 4x on the capital from LP’s after our standard management fees of 2% and 25% carry.

• Our standard minimum investment amount is $250,000 USD for LP’s of our fund.

• We update current performance of the status of the capital deployment, operational metrics and growth results across the companies as we invested into.

Why Did We Create Horizen's SaaS Technology Fund For Investors?

Minimum investment amount of $250,000 USD

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We have a proven track record of identifying and scaling under-developed B2B SaaS companies with significant growth potential. 

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Our funds investment thesis has been developed based on our team's expertise in growth marketing & SaaS operations, M&A, private equity, and finance. 

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We are one of the few technology fund GP's that combine operational experience with financial diligence to source, select, and grow our portfolio companies. 

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Our minimum annual recurring revenue of $1m USD, % YoY growth (10-30%), churn (less then 3% monthly), LTV (over $1500) and market requirement ensures that our fund invests in only the most promising companies on behalf of our investors.

HoriZen Capital Generates Quality Deal Flow For Investors

Each financial due diligence is different and tailored to the specific SaaS business we review, however here are what a general due diligence roadmap and diligence checklist look like in a simplified way.


Our expansive online presence and personal network gives us exclusive access to high quality investment opportunities every week.


Our ability to create content about Private Equity & M&A strategies on prestigious platforms (ie. Toptal, TechCrunch, MicroAcquire, etc.) provides us with unique insights and high quality inbound opportunities.


We are well connected with top founders and thought leaders in the B2B software ecosystem through our weekly SaaS District podcast, giving us a competitive edge in identifying high quality assets throughout the podcast interview process.


Our outreach team provides us access to review up to 5 quality investment opportunities per week for the technology fund to possibly invest into.

How We Plan to Expand the Search for Investments

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We have a proven system for identifying and investing directly in high-quality SaaS businesses through several proprietary channels.

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We have a large and growing network of investment professionals in the technology sector who refer investment opportunities and partners for our fund.

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We are proactive in expanding our network to include the most relevant SaaS professionals in the space, through communities, conferences and events across the globe.

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We offer competitive market valuations and fair terms for sellers, which generates better future results and investment returns across the portfolio.

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How HoriZen's Tech Fund Selects and Work

With Target Companies?

Our fund invests minimum $2M USD growth equity tickets into B2B SaaS companies with modest growth (10%-30% year on year) and good operation metrics (less than 3% monthly churn) where we identified a clear and fixable under performance in SEO, conversion rate and paid marketing ROI

We work with companies that are profitable or have a clear path to profitability and expect our acquired companies to generate positive cash flow within one year post-investment

Our fund provides growth capital and our team of growth experts is hands on operationally leading the growth marketing (Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO and PCC), working directly with founders on behalf of our LP’s.

3 Pillars of the HoriZen's Tech Fund for Superior ROI to LPs


Greater revenue and EBITDA mean a greater basis of valuation


Increase of top line growth translates into higher SaaS valuation multiples


Micro-SaaS valuation multiples are correlated to the size of the company. Growing the revenue and EBITDA to certain thresholds also translates into higher SaaS valuation multiples

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Case Study of A Transaction

99 Dollar Social

A subscription marketing business that delivers custom content for Facebook and Twitter pages for small businesses at a low price of $99/month.

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Acquired in July 2016 based on past performance averaging a T6M EBITDA of $20k/month

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60%+ IRR in the first year for the investors including quarterly dividends distributions

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2x profits within 5 months of the investment

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Value creation through reseller and channel partners, webinars, churn reduction, upselling existing users, on page and off page SEO and paid advertising campaigns.

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Next Steps
to Learn More

Do you still have questions on the Horizen SaaS technology fund and investment management will work?

Speak directly with us by booking a time with Chris Fisher at your earliest convenience.

Chris Fisher has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience and leading sales organizations to increase revenues. He has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products and has trained thousands of salesmen in the process. He began his career with a boutique venture capital firm that took several companies public including Genius Products (GPNI) and Free Realtime (FRTI). He’s been an executive for multiple companies in the technology sector, where he more than doubled revenues. Chris has authored the book “21st. Century Sales: Fast Forward” that spent 8 weeks on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in 2009. Most recently at Ultrapoint, Inc., Chris consulted with many companies to improve their sales and marketing methods. His method has been able to improve revenues by at least 80%. He holds US Patent # 5954387 and has a Master’s Degree from Indiana University.