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HoriZen's Private SaaS

Investment Club

HoriZen Capital's SaaS Private Investment Club is a capital network for SaaS investors.

We source quality deals,

We execute investments,

We manage growth post-acquisition.

A Private Capital Network Built on Relationships

Join our private club of exclusive LP's today to access the highest return

on SaaS investment opportunities.

Are you a SaaS investor, an Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist? Join us in getting involved on the management side of investment opportunities, where we aim at delivering to our Limited Partners an IRR in excess of 50% on each of our deals.

Target SaaS Company Investments

  • Bootstrapped B2B SaaS companies
  • $1mm - $5mm ARR range
  • Profitable
  • Monthly churn rate of less than 3%
  • At least 3 years of historical revenue
  • Annual growth rate above 10%

Who is HoriZen Capital ?

SaaS Leaders who have been successful CEOs in growing acquisition and investing opportunities with our SaaS growth and management playbook.

Check out recent case studies with some successful startup companies: 99 Dollar Social and Postalytics.

Data-driven growth marketers. We understand how to grow SaaS businesses.  

We run a successful international growth marketing agency and have assembled a team of leading experts in each and every digital acquisition channel (SEO, CRO and Paid Ads) to scale SaaS companies.

Finance experts specialized in startup investing.  We have over 20 years of experience in SaaS M&A, private equity and Big 4 M&A due diligence.

All individuals from our team combined, we have worked on over 50 successful transactions, either as investors, due diligence experts or M&A advisors. 

Scrappy entrepreneurs. We’ve started several SaaS businesses ourselves and have been entrepreneurs for as long as we can remember.

Several members of our team had successful entrepreneur exits. Thanks to our team background, we better connect with other founders and can fully relate to their situation.

How Do We Operate SaaS companies ?

1 - We invest in startup SaaS companies through growth equity and join the leadership team to be involved in every part of the marketing and growth department. 

2 - We acquire majority stakes in SaaS companies, provide an exit to founders and take over the management of the private company to build a diversified investment portfolio.

In both these instances, we actively accelerate the growth of the tech startup companies by leveraging our growth playbook of SEO, scaling paid ad campaigns and team’s management expertise.

When financial leverage is possible, HoriZen will also find and structure debt financing or quasi-equity financing when investing in the startup company in order to provide higher leveraged return on investment to their LPs.

How Do We Work With and For Our LPs?

As part of being part of the private investors club, we handle the whole SaaS investment process, from deal sourcing to negotiation to due diligence to closing for a potential investor to build a word class investment portfolio.

All our investment club LPs are totally free to invest in each and every investment opportunity. We have a defined process to involve our private members at two main points in the process:

  1. After a thorough pre-screening of opportunities and ensuring alignment on valuation expectation, we share the opportunities to our LPs to collect interest and main points they would like to see confirmed during the due diligence process, to make a sound investment decision in the promising startup.
  2. After an in-depth analysis of the business financials and its market and right before signing a LOI, we’ll reach out to our private investor club members to confirm interest before investing. At this stage, LPs commitment to the deal becomes binding, providing that post-LOI due diligence does not uncover any deal breakers.

Fee Structure

The HoriZen’s Private SaaS Investment Club membership is totally free to join as a startup investor. To ensure full alignment with our LPs, we do charge a transaction fee upon successful deal closing to cover our costs, and we take a % of equity in the deal plus an upside management fee based on return on investment that we deliver to our members.

We do have a minimum investment amount and make sure every individual SaaS investor is an accredited investor to be able to invest in this asset class.

Benefits of being a HoriZen’s Privates SaaS Investment Club member

  • Priority access to our proprietary SaaS and tech companies deal flow
  • An entire investment team “as a service”
  • Regular reporting on our activities
  • Support from HoriZen’s network and knowledge of the SaaS industry
  • Dedicated point of contact to ask your questions / ask for advice

Who Can Join To Become a of HoriZen’s Private SaaS Investment Club (HZIC)? 

Membership to HZIC is open to High Net Worth Individuals, successful entrepreneurs, family offices, venture capital and other startup founder investors who have a keen interest to invest in profitable and growing SaaS & internet businesses.

Expectation from HoriZen’s Private SaaS Investor Club members:

  • SaaS Savvy
  • Demonstrated investment capacity
  • Responsiveness and feedback on opportunities presented

Referral Bonus for Members

If a member would like to refer a SaaS deal to us, either to benefit from our investment and management services or to have other interested members to co-invest in the deal, we will provide a referral bonus, rolled into the deal as equity, under the condition that the Transaction is successfully closed.

Membership Renewal

Upon being accepted as a member of the HZIC, each membership is valid for a period of one year.

HZIC Membership Selection Process

To apply for the private investment club membership, each candidate will be requested to provide HoriZen capital with:

  • A description of professional background and past achievements
  • Short description of the candidate knowledge / past experience with SaaS products and SaaS businesses
  • Intended startup investment ticket size and investment criteria
  • Provide proof of funds / proofs of investment capacity

Each candidate will then go through an introductory call with one or several of HoriZen’s partners to discuss their motivation to join the HoriZen’s Private SaaS Investment Club and will be given the opportunity to ask any question they might have.

After these steps have been completed, the HoriZen Capital team will have an internal review to decide whether the timing and profile of the applicant is right to be accepted as a member of the club. 

Ready to invest in successful SaaS? Simply fill out this form any apply to join the private investment club!



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