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Saas District - Akeel Jabber | HoriZen Capital Episode 84, 13th February 2021

Building an Empire of Portfolio Companies in the WordPress Industry with Syed Balkhi [SDI] #84











Syed is a Multi-Founder, CEO & an award-winning entrepreneur, recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by the United Nations. He’s also been  featured on Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, Fortune, Fast Company, FOX Business, and The Wall Street Journal. 

With over 15+ million websites using the software built by his companies to grow, he’s become a thought leader and expert in the WordPress industry.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 Contentfy, Your On-Demand Content Team (Sponsor)
  • 01:02 - Intro 
  • 02:03 - Syed’s Background, Past Ventures & Running Various Companies
  • 03:10 - Founding Optinmonster
  • 05:57 - Focusing on WordPress & the Community 
  • 07:48  -  Most Common Mistake Founders on their Websites
  • 10:19 - Conception & Creation of AwesomeMotive
  • 12:33 - Selling Soliloquy & Envira to Only Focus on Growth Tools
  • 16:06 - Best Acquisitions & Passing on Opportunities (Red Flags)
  • 21:38 - On Managing Multiple Companies
  • 23:40 -  Scheduling to be Effective & Productive
  • 25:42 - Current Challenges Syed’s Facing in Order to Continue to Grow
  • 26:23 - What Advice Would Syed Give To His 25 Year Old Self?
  • 27:38 - Best Advice to Grow Your Business 
  • 30:08 - Best Resources Instrumental to Syed Success
  • 31:10 - What Does Success Means To Syed Today?
  • 32:18 - Future Plans for AwesomeMotive & How To Get In Touch With Him






  • Don’t give prob;ems energy to expand” - Syed Balkhi
  • “Consistency in more important than intensity”

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