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Saas District - Akeel Jabber | HoriZen Capital Episode 67, 10th December 2020

How to Best Prepare Your SaaS Startup for Funding in 2021 with Sydney Wong [SDI] | #67 Top SaaS Podcasts for Entrepreneurs











Sydney Wong is the Founder and CEO of VenturX, a startup platform that prepares and connects startups with investor funding that offers startup tools for tracking product validation and business planning for early start entrepreneurs looking to reach revenue, new customers, or funding. 

Inspired by a courageous and life altering experience in Silicon Valley, Sydney bootstrapped her vision to help startups. Today, VenturX has over $200 million of investor funding to help give out to the most promising and prepared startups in the world.. 

During this interview we cover:

00:00 - A word From The Sponsor

01:02 - Intro

02:07 - Sydney’s Background & Motivation Behind Starting VentureX

04:22 - Current Investment Environment of The SaaS Industry

06:06 - What Sydney looks for in a Winning Startup (Investment Criteria)

09:02 - How to Choose the Right Funding & When is the Right Time to Do it?

10:39 - Is Raising Capital for Everyone?

13:19 - Most Common Reason for Turn Downs on SaaS Offers & Red Flags

17:07 - Underrated Resources to Leverage for Growth

19:24 - Non-Diluted VS Diluted 

21:33 - Trends or Differences in Top Performing Companies 

25:19 - $10,000 & Looking to start an MVP, What's Sydney’s Choice? 

28:59 - Sydney’s top Resources

32:28 - What does Success Mean to Sydney Today? 

33:50 - The future for Venture-X & Get In touch With Sydney


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