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Saas District - Akeel Jabber | HoriZen Capital Episode 36, 27th August 2020

How to Source High Quality Leads Who are More Likely to Convert in the B2B SaaS Industry With Mark Colgan | Podcast #36











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Mark is the Co-Founder & CEO of Speak on Podcasts, which is an Outbound Prospecting Coach at the  Sales Impact Academy,  CRO at Task Drive, a B2B SaaS Revenue Growth Consultant at Yello O & Mentor at Growth Mentor. By  day Mark works with B2B companies to increase revenue by helping them with their Lead Generation and Data Enrichment strategies & by night he helps B2B SaaS companies scale revenue with their Sales & Marketing Automation and Customer Journey Optimisation..

Revenue Generation is Mark’s brain default state and his personal mantra is to give without expecting anything in return.

During this interview we cover:

00:00 - Reduce User Churn with (A word from the Sponsor)

01:19 -  Intro 

02:34 - Mark’s Background (From Prospectin to B2B Revenue Growth)

07:34 - Channels for Building a Predictable and Scalable Outbound System

08:51 - How to Source Leads who are More Likely to Buy or Convert

11:04 - Key Metrics to Look at to Keep the Pipeline Flowing 

14:40 -  How to Invest on Acquiring the first &  Right Customers 

17:09  - How to Better Build the Customer Profile for Higher Success in Positive Responses

18:56 -  If you Create Content, Customers Will Come?

20:48 - What’s the Story Behind Launching Speak on Podcasts?

23:03 -  Why You, as a SaaS Founder or Marketer, Should Launch a Podcast

35:02 - How Should We Be Thinking About Lead Generation Through Podcasting as a Marketing Channel

37:58 - Mark’s Top Marketing/Sales Stack Tools 

39:31 Get In Touch With Mark


5 Myths About SaaS Sales Founders Usually Believe

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