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Saas District - Akeel Jabber | HoriZen Capital Episode 192, 14th October 2022

How to Combine a Community-Led Growth & Product Led Growth Strategy with Zachary DeWitt # 192











Zach DeWitt is a Partner at Wing Venture Capital, a firm investing in Seed and Series A rounds for transformative enterprise tech companies. Prior to Wing, Zach was CEO and co-founder of Drop, which built two award-winning iPhone apps (Drop Messages and Firefly) before selling the technology and the IP intellectual property to Snapchat in 2016.

Zach holds a BA in Economics from Yale University as well as an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:30 - Explaining CLG & PLG When It Comes To SaaS
  • 09:06 - Big Monolithic Brand Vs Community Led Product
  • 10:30 - Does CLG Work For Every Kind Of SaaS
  • 12:35 - Benefits Of Using Community-Led Growth
  • 15:19 - Where To Start To Spread Your Word
  • 17:43 - The Right Time & Way To Develop A Community
  • 20:36 - How Often & How To Share Updates With The Community
  • 27:52 - How PLG Companies Can Keep The Community Active & Engaged
  • 31:39 - Zackary's Favorite Activity To Get Into a Flow State
  • 32:26 - Zachary's Piece Of Advice For His 20 Years Old Self
  • 33:51 - Zachary’s Biggest Challenges at Wing Partner Capital
  • 34:49 - Instrumental Resources For Zachary's Success
  • 36:40 - What Does Success Means for Zachary Today
  • 38:44 - Get In Touch With Zachary

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