Ken is the founder & CEO of SalesKey, a sales & marketing company helping B2B companies identify, attract and close their target clients. What they call a Done for you Lead Generation Service and a coaching program with SaaS founders.

Ken has over 17 years of B2B Sales & Marketing experience which includes helping grow multiple Inc. 500 & 5000 companies, Ken’s a book reading machine, Italian food lover, casual basketball player, snowboarder & Powerlifter.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 A word From The Sponsor
  • 01:02  Intro
  • 02:07 Ken’s Background & Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • 09:18 First Step for  Running Effective Linkedin Campaigns
  • 11:18  What Stage or Type of Business Does Exploring LinkedIn as a Sales and Lead Generation Channel Makes Sense 
  • 13:01 Conversion Rates Compared to Cold E-Mail Outreach?  
  • 15:23 Aiming for 22-36 avg. Leads per month & Reason for that Approach  
  • 18:24  The Right Time to Scale The Linkedin Channel Marketing Channel 
  • 21:34 What to Improve in The Prospecting Process to Get Better Results?
  • 25:16 One Advice Ken wish Had Known & Would tell Himself at 25 years old
  • 29:50 Ken’s Best 3 Instrumental Resources to His Success
  • 34:07 Biggest Challenges Ken’s Currently Facing in order to Continue to Grow SalesKey  
  • 35:45 What Does Success Mean to Ken Today?
  • 41:04 Get In Touch With Ken




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