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Tristan Pelligrino is the Co-Founder of Motion where he helps tech companies get noticed, engage their prospects, and become thought leaders. Early on in his consulting career, Tristan worked for firms such as Oracle and IBM and learned how challenging it is to articulate the value of technology. While working towards his MBA in Marketing, Tristan launched a video production company that he ended up getting on the Inc. 5000 list before selling his stake to his business partner. Now, Tristan is able to combine his firsthand experience in technology with his marketing expertise in order to help tech companies develop amazing visual content, position themselves as the choice in their industry, and ultimately, show the world their value. Tristan also co-hosts a B2B tech marketing podcast, Tech Qualified, where he interviews industry leaders to uncover what is working in the world of B2B technology marketing.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 – Try Out Balsamiq for 90 Days Absolutely free (A Word From the Sponsor)
  • 01:35 – Intro 
  • 03:05 – Start with a Podcast or Video Series to Get Better Consistent Results in Your Content Creation Strategy 
  • 06:33 – Establishing your Expectations Upfront and Baseline When Determining your Content Marketing ROI
  • 11:05 – Why to set The Audiovisual Channel as Your Main for a Solid Marketing Strategy
  • 13:15 – Should all SaaS Startups Launch a Podcast or Video Series? 
  • 15:56 – How to Get the Most Out of Your Podcast Interviews and Guests
  • 20:12 – How to Ensure the Content you Produce Reach, Engages & Converts to the Right Audience, at Scale.
  • 29:27 – Establishing & Finding Credibility & Authority, Voicing the Content & Standing Out for the Audience’s Attention
  • 31:01 – A Good Marketing Budget Balance (Organic & Paid)
  • 33:06 – Recommendations for a Content Creation Cadence and Publication Timing 
  • 35:02 – Podcasts for B2B to Check Out
  • 36:57 – Outro




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