Laith is the Chief Strategy Officer at Chargify, a billing and revenue management platform for fast-growing SaaS businesses, and now the General Manager of an event Streaming API for developers to enable a data-rich user experience to every product on earth, where he led the acquisition process.

Laith has over twenty years of enterprise software and e-commerce experience with a focus on product management and global software development. He began his technology career in the late 90s with engineering and product roles at AOL, CareerBuilder and Network Solutions.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 Contentfy, Your On-Demand Content Team (Sponsor)
  • 02:12 – Laith’s Background, Past Positions & Ventures
  • 04:17 –  Strategic Acquisition of
  • 11:15 – Future Acquisition Plans for Chargify in 2021
  • 13:37 – Event-Data Driven Metrics 
  • 16:27 –  Focusing on Pricing to Optimize Churn
  • 24:45 – Pricing Trends
  • 27:47 – Plan to Double Down on in 2021
  • 29:58 – Soft Trial Vs Purchase Intent 
  • 32:21 – Advice Laith Would Tell his 25 Year old Self
  • 33:52 – Instrumental Resources for Laith
  • 36:27 – Biggest Challenges Laith is Facing Right Now
  • 39:04 – What does Success mean to Laith Today
  • 40:26 – Get in Touch with Laith




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