Justin is a revenue operator, executive mentor, and SMB SaaS advisor with over 10 years’ of revenue leadership experience. He helps founders to drive scalable growth past $50M in recurring revenue. Most recently, Justin led PatientPop from $0 to $51M in recurring revenue and built the sales organization from 1 to 150+ people in just 4 years.

He specializes in SMB SaaS sales and the go-to-market strategy for SMB SaaS products where he figures out the best way to sell them, who to sell it to, and how much to sell it for. He basically partners with early-stage founders to craft the sales story and achieve scale.

He left his full-time executive role at PatientPop to open his boutique advisory company located in Nashville.

Justin also Co-Founded an investment firm called The Shelby Project with his wife. where they help tiny entrepreneurs thrive and where all investments are made from their personal capital. 

Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife, hiking, reading, playing with his 3 dogs, drinking craft beer, and tinkering with new ideas. 

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:39 – Justin’s Background, Early Ventures & Where He Is Today
  • 05:10 – $0 to $50M in ARR & 1 to 150+ People Sales Team 
  • 08:02 – Leaving After $51 m in ARR & Starting a SMB Boutique Advisory Firm
  • 10:37 – Typical Pain Points In Sales Of SaaS Founders 
  • 12:44 –  Justin’s Niche & Best Type Of Customers
  • 15:21 – Go-To-Market Playbook For Proven Performance
  • 17:56 – Sales Cycle Aligned Between Service, Sales Team & Customer
  • 20:43 – Hiring Effective, Coachable & Curious Top Performers 
  • 22:38 – The Reverse Robin Hood For Sales Teams
  • 25:48 – When it Makes Sense To Hire a VP of Sales
  • 28:11 – Improving Conversion Rate in B2B SaaS
  • 30:37 – A Jack of all Trades is a Master of None
  • 32:15 – Marketing & Setting Goals in a  Personal Brand vs a Business Brand
  • 35:24 – Top Mentors
  • 37:22 – What does Success Mean To Justin Welsh Today
  • 38:20 – Get In Touch With Justin




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