Doing something a little different for this episode. I want to make it more personal and openly share what’s going on behind the scenes inside HoriZen both good and bad over the last 3 months, post-COVID and what our plan is for going into Q3.

Pierre is the investment manager ate HoriZenc Capital, he’s an expert in financial modeling, Business Plan modeling, Financial Due Diligence, Corporate finance, and private equity investments.

He holds an MBA from top tier Business School ESSEC (Paris / Cergy), formerly an investment associate in small caps private equity, he has over 4 years of experience in M&A financial due diligence at PwC, one of the big 4 on professional services for enterprises, he builds business plans and has advised several entrepreneurs in Europe and Australia.

As an entrepreneur, he’s building a start-up in the wellbeing industry and has recently worked as an investment associate in a newly created For Purpose social investment vehicle supporting OZHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue charity.

Pierre has a full-time Data Scientist training where he learned how to leverage his business analysis skills using Machine learning and deep learning techniques that allows him to go deeper in his understanding of businesses and dig up valuable insights from big datasets. He has also created a list of very effective Excel Models and efficiency tools that everybody can download and use for free.

During this interview we cover:

  • Pierre’s background before joining HoriZen
  • The numbers wizard (Joining HoriZen and main focus)
  • Analyzing 3 HoriZen deals: (Revenue size, churn, age, size, risks)
  • Post-COVID impact on deals
  • Focus on helping more SaaS entrepreneurs on growing their business and applying our playbook
  • Hiring interns and job opportunities at HoriZen Capital
  • The main reason to reject a deal and what we do and what we do not.
  • The average timeline for deals
  • Goals for Q3

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Doing something a little different for this episode. I want to make it more personal and openly share what’s going on behind the scenes inside HoriZen […]

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