Eric is an accomplished AI Tech Entrepreneur and Advisor with more than 20 years of success in different verticals such as marketing, advertising, health and wellness, fashion, technology, and digital industries.

Eric’s broad areas of expertise include brand development, digital strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and growth. Most notably, Eric is the Co-Founder of Arcane, a digital marketing and advertising agency, where, under Eric’s leadership, Arcane grew from zero to $15M in just six years. 

Currently, he holds equity positions in multiple rapidly-growing organizations and is focused on his current game-changing machine-learning and AI tech venture called Morphio.

Morphio is an AI-driven anomaly platform built for advanced marketers described as the first marketing security software, where it integrates your marketing data in one platform and delivers insights from landing page health, marketing & AI anomalies, segmentation, budget recommendations & many other marketing and analytics anomalies.

During this interview we cover:

  • From $0 in a Basement to $15M & a 4,000 sq ft Building
  • Stepping Down as a Startup CEO & Building Morphio
  • Decision to Raise $1M Seed Round in Canada
  • “Spend the Money Like You Don’t Have It” & Other Growth Strategies 
  • Lessons From Tests & Growth Hacking With Morphio & Past Ventures
  • What Makes Morphio a Different & Unique AI Marketing Tool
  • How Morphio Ensures You Have Both Quantity & Quality of the Data Used for the Analytics
  • How Marketers & Founders Should Consider Using AI In Their Plans or Budgets
  • Full AI for the Future or Predictive+Human Decision making/judgement?
  • The Future of Marketing for the Next CMOs
  • A question For Rand Fishkin & Lessons from his Book






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