HoriZen Capital Investment Club is a private capital network for SaaS investors.

We provide our investors access to institutional-quality, private SaaS investments.

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A Private Capital Network Built on Relationships

Benefits of being a HoriZen Investment Club member

  • Priority access to our proprietary deal flow
  • A whole Investment team “as a service”
  • Regular reports on our activities
  • Support from HoriZen’s network and knowledge of the SaaS industry
  • Dedicated email address to ask your questions / ask for advice

Who can be member of the HoriZen Investment Club (HZIC)? 

Membership to HZIC is open to High Net Worth Individuals, successful entrepreneurs, family offices and investors who have a keen interest to invest in profitable and growing SaaS & internet businesses.

What does the HoriZen Capital team do?

HoriZen are acting as General Partners on all their deals. The team sources, negotiates, structures and executes buy-out deals then takes charge of management to grow the companies it invests into.

When leverage is possible, HoriZen is also in charge of finding and structuring debt financing or quasi-equity financing in order to provide higher leveraged return on investment to their LPs.

The HoriZen Capital team is made of a combination of finance experts, experienced online and SaaS entrepreneurs and Digital Growth experts with specializations such in all areas of high growth sales and growth marketing including; SEO, Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Advertising management, Link building, Sales Webinars etc.

What type of deals will HZIC’s members be presented with?

HoriZen focuses on acquiring a majority stake in companies generating between $1 MM and $5 MM in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), which are profitable, have delivered an historical growth of 5% - 30% year on year, and have a monthly churn rate of less than 5%. HoriZen Capital is typically looking to close deals at a valuation within a 2-3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) range.

The companies that HoriZen approach are generally bootstrapped and the range of investment ticket size is generally expected to fall between $1 MM USD and $10 MM USD.

For each of its investment, HoriZen expects to fully reinvest the first year of the business cash flow to accelerate the growth of the portfolio company. After the first year, HoriZen aims at distributing the cash flow to its LPs on a quarterly basis and to provide an exit to LPs after 4-5 years of operations and growth.

Expectation from HoriZen Investment Club members:

  • SaaS Savvy
  • Demonstrated investment capacity
  • Responsiveness

HoriZen Investment Process

Horizen has a clearly defined investment process and involves it's members at two crucial points to ensure each member is comfortable making an educated investment decision.

  • After a first high-level financial analyses and broad valuation have been agreed on
  • Before a formal LOI is submitted

For each deal, HoriZen will set up a dedicated shared data room drive and deal details for interested HZIC members, where members can easily access relevant documents related to the ongoing deal.

HoriZen Capital Fees

Horizen Capital fee structure has been designed to ensure full alignment with its LPs and to provide an attractive alternative to the traditional PE funds who charge LPs 2% of total funds committed per year for the full duration of the fund. (ie. 20% of total amount invested + carried interest).

Horizen’s fees are split into two components. Deal-related fees and a Management Upside fee.

To better align with investor’s interests, deal-related fees are only paid upon successful closing of a deal and a significant part of the deal-related fees will be rolled into the investment by HoriZen Capital. The Management Upside fee is based on the return provided to LPs after HoriZen takes over the management of the company it acquires.

Members obligations

1 – Quarterly meeting attendance

2 – No right to individually pursue deals brought forward by HoriZen

3 – Strict Confidentiality

Referral bonus for members

If a member would like to refer a deal to us, either to benefit from our investment and management services or to have other interested members to co-invest in the deal, we will provide a referral bonus, rolled into the deal, under the condition that the Transaction is successfully closed.

Membership Renewal

Upon being accepted as a member of the HZIC, each membership is valid for a period of one year.

Membership Fees

As of today, becoming a member of the HZIC is currently free of charge. HoriZen reserves the right to make any change to this policy in the future.

HZIC Membership Selection Process

To apply for membership, each candidate will be requested to provide HoriZen capital with:

  • A description of professional background and past achievements
  • Short description of the candidate knowledge / past experience with SaaS products and SaaS businesses
  • Intended investment ticket size and investment criteria
  • Provide proof of funds / proofs of investment capacity

Each candidate will then go through an introductory call with one or several of HoriZen’s partners to discuss their motivation to join the HoriZen investment Club and will be given the opportunity to ask any question they might have.

After these steps have been completed, the HoriZen Capital team will have internal review to decide whether the timing and profile of the applicant is right to be accepted as a member of the club.



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