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Jane Langille

Growth Manager

I was super impressed with Akeel's ability to really understand my business model and give me some real actionable tips to implement today. Can't wait to share my results...Thank you so much!

Akeel Jabber

Investment and
Growth Director

What You’ll Get During This

Growth Marketing Free Strategy Call

I don't normally offer this 30 minute call for free, as I would normally charge $300+ for my time and expertise.

However, for a limited time, I want to share my knowledge with other entrepreneurs to optimize their own business. I only ask you take the call as serious as I do and be ready to implement these actions items in your business, otherwise we'll just be wasting all this time with no results to show for it. 

High Performance Audit

Before the call, I'll be looking at your website, analyzing your brand, checking social media engagement, review your competitors and noting real opportunities you may be missing on in your business.

Business Strategy Consultation

We'll dissect your current growth strategies and reverse engineer what your Massive Goals you want to achieve by next year.

Roadmap To Growth

By the end of the call, I'll be able to share at least 2-3 concrete action items you can start working on with a timeline to see the growth results. Implement them and see the growth of your business for yourself.

About Akeel Jabber

I've been implementing these growth strategies to my own portfolio of businesses on a daily basis with my team for the last 5 years. We do our own business acquisitions and apply these exact growth hacks to generate 50%+ returns for our investors.  

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

What some of our existing partners, investors and other members have said

about working with ​Horizen Capital...

martha Jones

VP of Growth

The call was worth every minute as I was given two action items that I could change and didn't even realize.

Shawn paNKO

Digital Asset Investor

Akeel is the Real Deal. He knows his stuff and shares examples of how it worked with other companies like just like mine.

Jessica Sanders

CMO, e-Commerce

Akeel doesn't waste your time and gets to the point in minutes. I've seen an uplift in conversions by making a simple change on my website that he suggested.  

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